Edward Kerstein

I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur with an interest in network science, economic forecasting, and machine learning.

Habit Dash


Habit Dash started as a personal project to create a unified dashboard of my health devices. At the time, I was using a Withings Scale, Fitbit, and Whoop, and I was frustrated that I had to go to three separate places to see my data. I simply wanted to view them all in one place.

I put a quick Django app together, connected to each health API, and added some Javascript charts on top. And it looked pretty great!

I realized this tool may be useful to others so I put it online and over the next three years continued expanding features. Habit Dash was one of the first if only sites to extract Whoop data. It was also one of the only sites that made it easy to export all your health data in one file.

Users of the site were mostly health enthusiasts and coaches who gave me a lot of positive feedback because Habit Dash solved several common problems in that community.

What excited me most, though, was the potential value of the data. Once you have all your health (and habit data) in one place, you can do all sorts of interesting things. You can do statistical analysis, for example, to find relationships in the data you may not have been aware of. Or you can test hypotheses like does CBD actually help my sleep?

You can also provide several services around the team or social aspect of health. For example, you can provide services like coaching, where a coach can see all their client data in one place. You can have team pages, where groups of people can compare their health stats (like Whoop). Or you can have a global leaderboard (like Peloton).

Both of those intersections are very exciting to me: health/habit data analysis, and social/gamifying health. I worked passionately on them for three years and built Habit Dash into the most advanced website in my portfolio. Eventually, however, there were other projects I wanted to work on and in mid-2022 I moved on to new things.